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Canterbury Voice Release Systems


The Famous Canterbury Voice Release System

The Canterbury Voice Release System "CVR" has a built in human factor which gives you
the same pull timing as the best puller you ever shot with.

*There is a two second "time out" period after the release to give the next shooter time to set up
and allow the automatic trap to reset.

*The CVR requires only a 110v outlet .or 12v connection  No electrical work necessary.

* The CVR connects to your trap machine just like a pull cord.

*The machine turns itself off after 2 minutes of non use and is reactivated using the control button
on-off switch.

*The connections are virtually "idiot proof".  If the plug fits, it's in the right socket.

*All components are weather-proof and will work just fine in the rain and wind.   High quality
electrical components are used through out.

*Special circuitry eliminates false calls from background noise, gunfire or calls from other fields.

*Each microphone is operational all the time.  There is no need to sequence or adjust anything if
you have a short squad.

*The microphone stands are powder coated steel and will provide many years of low maintenance

Unconditional ONE YEAR warranty.

Trap help costs $65 to $80 per trap per day.  If you have a small club and your members will
volunteer to keep score you can run a shoot with one loader for each three automatic traps and
no pullers.  With three fields that's saving your club about $350 a day.  Think of the fun you
could have with that extra cash; added purse money, Saturday evening BBQ or cocktail party,
club improvements, etc.

This unit features sophisticated electronics, which filter out background noises to   virtually
eliminate almost all false releases. Incorporates 1/6th second delay between call and release to
exactly mimic the human puller. Simplest of assembly and operation with no settings or
controls. Equipment consists of 5 microphones & stands, cables, electronic control box, relay
(incorporates transformer) and remote trigger unit. Can be supplied with either 110v, 240v or
12v connection.

The performance of Canterbury Voice Release Systems products is well recognized, having been 'Highly Commended' at the 1999 New Zealand Software & Electronics' Excellence Awards.


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All Rocky Mountain Clay Sports replacement components are custom made for Rocky Mountain Clay Sports, each Rocky Mountain Clay Sports dyno microphone is individually calibrated, tuned and tested to exceed oem mic performance. Rocky Mountain Clay Sports  HD cables  far 
exceed the strength, durability and flexibility of any other cable offered for the Canterbury Voice Release Systems. Each HD microphone cable is double reinforced at the connectors.

Every Rocky Mountain Clay Sports  dyno microphone and HD microphone cable carries a 2 year peak performance warranty.


Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wireless Voice Release


This is the latest unit to be developed by Canterbury as a direct result of shooters/club managers' requests. Canterbury has spent nearly 2.5 years in development to get this unit to perform to the same level as the wired system. It now works perfectly and in some respects it 'out performs' the wired unit. 

This unit features 5 microphones, each of which has is linked by short cable to its own transceiver. The transceiver clamps to the microphone stand. 

Microphone, stand & base are the same components as the wired unit. 

The trap house has a 'base station' transceiver which is powered from the standard Canterbury relay unit (as used in the wired system) and this links it to the trap machine. Depending on the material used in the trap house, this transceiver may be located either inside or outside the trap. A polycarbonate cover is provided to attach and protect this unit. 

The referee/scorer also has a wireless transceiver which operates in the same manner as the old wired trigger. This allows the trap house transceiver to be switched on or off - so disabling the microphones - a target can be manually released and it has a visible light that blinks off when the trap is activated. 

The advantages of this system are: 
- no cables across the shooting lanes 
- easier to operate handicap events 
- fewer connecting points, so less likelihood of maintenance issues 
- easier to use in winter temperatures where cables are not effective 

Batteries are 4 x AA units in each of the microphone and ref's units and it is anticipated that a club should get around 200 hours use out of a set. The trap unit is powered by 12V from the relay box connected to a 230V/110V outlet. 

Complete Unit "plug and play" 
Supplied with "DYNO MICS" and batteries

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