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Jim Rodgers   Info@rmclaysports.com
07-12-2023 7:51:54 PM MST

Hardly Used! Promatic Harrier Trap on a trailer. Comes with Battery, foot control & Canterbury Wireless Voice release. Cash, personal Check or Pay Pal. Jim 720-319-4686

Jim Rodgers   info@rmclaysports.com
03-08-2020 8:01:54 PM MST

USE OF FORCE TRAINING SIMULATOR ($13000 system originally paid $25000) 6 months old. A friend of mine had purchased the property and was in the process of building a Shooting Range. He had funding and thought the permits from the county were going to go through. He purchased this system as an additive to the range. After fighting with the county for an extended period of time he decided to throw in the towel on the range but decided to see if he could make the Simulator work on its own. It only lasted 6 months and he decided to go back to his excavating company. This is a real-life type of training similar to Federal training for Parole Officers and other Government agents. It also has generic shooting exercises such as breaking bottles and shooting at animals and birds for the younger crowd. My oldest son who is an avid pistol shooter and a Glock Mechanic purchased a year subscription when it opened. It allowed him to do a lot more shooting without the added expense of ammunition. It also was a lot more entertaining than shooting at a paper target. This is the info for the T1 Use Of Force Simulator. TI Use of Force Training Simulator. Desktop unit with 5.1 surround sound, projector, mounts, etc (everything needed to operate unit), 4 Glock version non-recoil training guns, picture-in-picture camera, scenario library for Training Lab, includes Gunfighter program with targets and entertainment. Only used for 6 months. Asking $13,000. New they are $25,000 with scenario library. TRAINING LAB TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: COMPUTER & SOFTWARE Professional Grade CPU and Hardware Windows OS Microsoft Office Lightweight Flat Panel LCD Instructor Monitor Ti's Scenario Creation & Editing Interface Ti's Instructor Interface for complete Scenario Control and Debrief Keyboard, Optical Mouse, and all necessary wires, cables, connectors MULTIMEDIA SPECS: High-Quality Surround Sound Low Light and adjustable light conditions Automatic self-calibration with sub-pixel accuracy SCENARIOS 800+ Pre-Loaded Scenario Library Skill Builder Shooting Drills Scenario Updates for the life of the system High Def video quality True Distance#8482; Stereoscopic 3D Technology Capable of creating scenario playlist with save and recall function DEBRIEF SPECS: Zoom-In controls during debriefing Picture in picture capability (PiP) Customizable Trainee Report Generator Slow-Motion, Pause, Frame Forward, Frame Back controls for debriefing replay.

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