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                                                              Why the Easy Test?                                                    

This all came about when I was trying to repair a customers cable. To do so you needed 2 people. 1 to hold a volt/ohm meter and one to twist the cable. Upon seeing the meter change the problem would be located and repaired by cutting out the bad section and then retesting to see if any other problems existed. 

The problem again was 2 people were needed and the difficulty of holding 2 probes in the cable ends while watching the meter to see if it changed.

After deciding and talking to an Electrical Engineer I came up with a simple 1 person solution box!

The very first cable I tested using the box  told me within 10 sec where the problem was even though using a volt/ohm meter the problem was not located previously. 

I think everyone who uses this device will be extremely happy with the results. As with a meter there are some problems that need additional attention. I will discuss those in a video that will soon be available. Call Jim for details or further info. 720-319-4686


1 -Box containing an LED, Battery Pack, Misc Wiring and a 2 pin and 3 pin Male Connector..Additional clear plastic box attached for storing the testing components. 

1 -2 pin female connector for Testing battery, Led and Port Connector.

1 -3 pin female connector for Testing battery, Led and Port Connector.

1 -2 pin male connector for Testing Cable

1 -3 pin male connector for Testing Cable

1- 2 pin male Molex connector for Testing 2 or 3 pin Wireless Cable

1- Velcro strip on the bottom surface and tabs on the box for mounting to a table or bench.

1- Bag of 10 micro screws and 10 larger end screws for Cable End Plugs and Sockets.

Customer Comments After Using The Box! 

Bob Beyer with Delta Trap Club.  Bob called me and started using a few words that led me to believe I had screwed up. I said, " Whats wrong"?

Bob, " Why didn't you tell me how good Easy Test is.?" I did you just weren't listening. He then told me I should patent it and said it was BAD ASS!

Matt Sevesta with Family Shooting Center. Matt calls it the Genius Box!

Mike Runey with Tuscarora Gun Club. Mike called me and said he and his Electrician had spent 7 hours testing and repairing  30 wired cables of which 20 had problems. 

Jeffery H. Shipley Sumner Sportsman Association.   .The Club was impressed with the cable tester. It works good and anybody can use it with ease!  Good job on design! 


Now is the time to purchase and get those cables working perfectly!

Bad cables cause sporadic problems. Works today but yesterday didn't release a bird? 

If you fix your problem now while it is sporadic you won't have to replace the whole cable.  Once the cable becomes completely shorted or completely open you might as well throw it away! You probably won't be able to find the problem!!








Contact Jim Rodgers at for any questions:


Rocky Mountain Clay Sports, LTD 
6158 E. Otero Place
Centennial, Colorado 80112