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Mini Auto-Sporter

The Clay Target Shooter's New And Exciting Challenge!



A Proven Success In Australia And New Zealand
Now Available In The U.S.


The Mini Auto-Sporter offers every clay shooting facility a entirely new option for additional income with a very small investment.
More Paid Targets Thrown = More Income

Warning : mini auto-sporting is highly contagious.

How it works:

The Mini Auto-Sporter has been designed by Canterbury to enable a Trap 

only or Trap/Skeet club to offer a sport shooting alternative experience 
with literally no modification to its existing shooting facility. Coupled 
with a minimal investment and operating requirement, as well as a 5 
minute setup time, the Mini Auto-Sporter gives a clay target facility the 
opportunity to offer its shooters the challenge of an automatic sporting 
clay or 5-stand installation for a fraction the cost.

All targets can be released manually by the scorer on the main console, 
or since your club most likely has the Canterbury Voice Release system 
already,  you simply plug your existing 5 CVR microphones directly into 
the Mini Auto Sporter control box, and it operates automatically off voice 
call. Connect it to 3 traps, select on the console the number of shooters, 
and you are on your way to a whole new and exciting shooting 

Option 1: If your facility has a skeet/trap overlay, the Mini Auto-
Sporter simply connects to the ATA trap machine and then to the high 
and low house skeet machines.

Option 2: If your facility has at least 3 trap fields, the Mini Auto-
Sporter can be connected to the center trap field machine, then to the 
trap machine to the right field (locked in for hard left singles), then to 
the trap machine to field to the left (locked in for hard right singles).

Set the target at regulation height, or whatever height shooters desire
Have wobble traps? That's yet another added challenge!

  Added bonuses! Canterbury has provided additional features.         
(1) A selector on the console and socket connection for a fourth trap 
machine is built into the Mini Auto-Sporter for yet another 
challenging option. (2) Also included is an console selectable option 
and mic socket for adding a 6th shooter.

Once the system is switched on, with shooters all standing at the 
same yardage (16 to 27 yd line ), it will release 1 single target 3 times 
in rotation from each station, followed by a final pair from each 
station, totalling 5 shots per station. The shooters will then rotate as 
they would in regulation trap. The control box randomly and 
arbitrarily selects each single target and then the final pair from any of 
the 3 machines - so as the shooter calls for the bird, he (she) has to 
be looking and listening for every target as its always a mystery as to 
which house the target or targets will be released.

A standard regulation trap score sheet may be used for scoring.

A final adjustment that can be selected, is the timing for the pair.   They 
can be released anywhere from a simultaneous pair up to a 4.8  second 
following pair. This is done by a simple push of a button on the Mini 
Auto-Sporter console.

The Mini Auto sporter is powered by either 12V or 110AC. YOUR CHOICE

For a fun and exciting event, turkey shooting, clay sporting, or an 
early bird season tune up, this unit offers the easiest option to run 
some very challenging sporting clays or 5 stand-type options at your 
existing trap club facility.

ALL THIS FOR $1145.00 - Purchase it here

Contact Jim Rodgers at for any questions and to order:


Rocky Mountain Clay Sports, LTD 
6158 E. Otero Place
Centennial, Colorado 80112


Contact Jim Rodgers at for any questions:


Rocky Mountain Clay Sports, LTD 
6158 E. Otero Place
Centennial, Colorado 80112