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                                                                   Broken Mics Repaired for $25 Each

Now is the time to get everything ready for when the crowds hit and the tournaments start. Don't wait until your in the heat of battle and something doesn't work. We will rebuild the mic and retune if necessary. If the mic is ours, broken and can't be tuned we will replace the entire Mic for $25. 


                                                                       WIRELESS POD CABLES     


2 -20 foot 3 pin wireless cables for the Trap building POD without Molex lock. Molex is there just not the lock. 1/2 price $35.00

1 - 13 inch 2 pin wireless cable for the Mic POD without  Molex lock. Molex is there just not the lock. 1/2 price $20

Shouldn't be any problem since there is a stress relief keeping the connector in place. 





Contact Jim Rodgers at for any questions:


Rocky Mountain Clay Sports, LTD 
6158 E. Otero Place
Centennial, Colorado 80112