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Windmilling/Multiple birds going out without calling for a bird!

How we can find what’s causing the windmilling.

If your trigger/scorekeeper unit is not functioning properly or you can't turn it off then the problem is probably there in that device. Take one of the batteries out of the trigger unit and the windmilling should stop. Usually it is not the board but the membrane keyboard. Call Rocky Mountain for further assistance. 720-319-4686 (Any Time during normal waking hours 8A.M. -11:30 P.M. MST)

1. You need 2 people. One in trap house and one outside both with telephone or Wakie Talkie communication.
2. Disconnect the plug that comes out of the Canterbury grey box and plugs into the trap machine. That way we are not wasting birds! The person in the bunker is listening for the clicking sound which is a relay inside the box. Every time the relay clicks in a normal situation a bird is thrown.  The person outside is turning different devises on one at a time. Just like a normal situation before a normal shoot.
3. Plug in the the unit that sits on the outside of the trap behind the clear blast shield. Then the mics one at a time and finally the trigger/ scorekeeper unit.
4. If the person in the trap house hears the relay clicking after any one of those turn ons then we have found our culprit. Then we just have to determine if it’s the cable, membrane keyboard or the board causing the problem. Well work on that one we have figured out which device is causing the problem.

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